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Grout Pump JET

GPJ-20 Grout Pump JET | TEKKÖK® | Made in Turkey | Trusted for High Quality
AC Power 380 V, 50 Hz
Pump motor 5.5 kW
Water pump 0.55 kW
Delivery rate 20 lt/min
Delivery distance 40 m wide, 15 m high
Ideal grain size 0 - 2 mm
Max. grain size 4 mm
Max. pressure 30 bar
Mixer volume 70 lt
Filling height 1200 mm
Weight 125 kg
This version of the grout pump is the smallest mixer pump in our product range. It is very compact, llight-weight, and robustly mounted. This product is very useful when there is no need for a larger pump. It is the grout pump for the small size grouting projects or for the areas where any larger pump cannot be placed. 
The grout components are mixed automatically and very practically with water in the mixer-pump. The grout mix is pumped simultaneously during the mixing process and quickly fills the borehole or area where the grout is applied.
It is ideal for applying any grout material; cement, gypsum, lime, refractory materials, and geothermal grout with grain size up to 3 mm.
  • It is the most economic grout pump in the world.
  • Mixer pump practically mixes and pumps the grout materials.
  • It is full automatic.
  • It automatically gets and mixes the components and water.
  • It automatically stops working if it does not receive water or the pressure is not enough.
  • It is compact, light and robustly mounted.
  • It is practical for work indoors or at narrow places where bigger machines cannot even enter.
  • It is fully mobile thanks to its light weight and small size.
  • Its tires are robust, durable and convenient for the conditions of the construction site.
  • It is practical to separate the machine in two pieces.
  • It is easy to carry the machine by hand between building floors or by vehicle to long distances.
  • It is easy to carry by hand.
  • It is practical and easy to dismount and clean the parts of the pump.
  • It will work for years like the first day if it is properly cleaned and maintained.
  • It conforms to the European and world standards.
  • P3 rotor-stator
  • 1" Rubber Concrete Hose
  • Cleaning Equipment

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