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           We made a new contribution to the ex-proof concrete technologies which we lead with the brand name "TEKKÖK." We completed the procedures of the ATEX certification of our concrete and shotcrete pumps successfully.

           We produced our first ex-proof concrete pump in 2010. After developing our technology observing its use in the coal mines of the Turkish Coal Enterprises Institution, we started our R&D studies for the ex-proof shotcrete pump.

           In the year 2014, we modifed the ex-proof concrete pump with the necessary attachments and used it as an ex-proof wet-mix shotcrete pump for the first time in a coal mine in the world. Following this application, we started the production of ex-proof wet-mix shotcrete machine.

           Following the successful achievements and increasing demands, we applied for the ATEX certification of our pumps. As a result of the dedicated and long lasting efforts, our products were approved as conforming to all the ATEX requirements. Our ex-proof concrete and shotcrete pumps were granted with the ATEX certification. We are now the manufacturer of ex-proof concrete pumps and dry-mix shotcrete pumps with ATEX certification, and only manufacturer of ex-proof wet-mix shotcrete pumps in the world.

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